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Compressed Air Training is a gold mine!

The awareness raised by training leads to significant improvements in compressed air system efficiency which not only reduces energy and maintenance costs but also improves plant productivity. Sustaining the efficiency of compressed air installations is facilitated by continuous improvement approach of which training forms a critical component.

E-Learning Compressed Air

Since most employees at the plant deal with compressed air in one way or another it is critical that compressed air awareness is created on a larger scale. To meet this need we have partnered with a leading provider to bring you a 30 minute online training tailored for delivery to between 15-25 employees. Log in details are valid for 3 months. After the training your personnel will not only work safer, they will have a much better understanding of the environmental impact and why compressed air is so expensive to use.

Fundamentals of Compressed Air Efficiency

For those who compressed air forms a critical part in the fulfillment of their roles we have developed a 1 day training on the fundamentals of compressed air efficiency to be held on the 13th of February 2019 at Strathmore Business School. To be sustainable energy management and efficiency should not be dependent on one person but should be part of a culture of continuous improvement. During this one-day course you learn how to calculate the costs of compressed air at your facility and complete hands on exercises with emphasis on bottom line results. You will learn how to save up to 30% of the costs related to compressed air at your plant with low or no cost measures.

Why should you attend?

  • Calculate and reduce the costs of compressed air at your facility.
  • Gain better control of compressed air for optimum reliability and productivity.
  • How to use data from your facility to focus on getting results.

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About the Author

Eng. Mathew Waita Mwenga is a Chemical/Mechanical Engineer with over 12 years’ experience in the industrial sector and petroleum industry. He has 6 years working for Atlas Copco Eastern Africa as a service engineer, aftermarket engineer, compressed air energy auditor and Rental manager. He has also spent 3 years working as a drilling solutions engineer in National Oilwell Varco an upstream oil and gas Equipment Company. Mathew is a Chartered engineer of the UK(Ceng) and a registered P.E of Kenya.