Welcome To REN Engineering Solutions

We are an Engineering and Energy Consultancy and services firm that optimizes systems resulting in improved productivity by offering innovative and cost-effective solutions.

Our Vision
Sustainability through the application of energy efficient solutions.

Our mission
To become the preferred provider of sustainable and energy efficient optimization solutions for compressed air, steam and pumps in Eastern Africa. We actualize our mission through the following four step process:


Our Core Services


  • Sizing, supply, installation of compressed air, steam and pump equipment.
  • Sizing, supply, installation of generators
  • Compressed air, steam and pump system design and layout.


  • Maintenance, upgrade and installation of both compressed air, steam and process pipework systems.
  • Planning and design of pipework. We carry out detailed design and sizing of piping to ensure minimal pressure drop.
  • Installations. We install all parts of compressed air piping installations including Galvanised piping, Atlas Copco’s AIRnet-high efficiency Aluminum piping. http://www.airnet-system.com/en , stainless steel piping and fixtures, air receivers, line filters, brackets and isolation valves.
  • Inspection and repair of pipework for leaks.
  • Compressed air fundamentals and energy efficiency.
  • Compressed Air Safety
  • Fundamentals of Oil and Gas.
  • Compressed air quality.
  •  Compressed Air audits including leak detection, power consumption flow and pressure
    measurements to assess the system and identify areas for potential savings.
  • Air survey to monitor actual compressed air demand, full analysis of this data and preparation of a comprehensive report. A detailed report allows us to understand the factory compressed air requirements during the week.
  • Recommendation of energy saving solutions, implementation and verification. Some of the solutions include leak repair, pipework redesign, Installation of compressor master controllers and use of Variable speed drives.
  • Complete factory energy audits including all electrical and thermal systems, reporting and recommendations.
  • Compressed Air Quality Testing as per ISO8573-1 for Particles Water and Oil.
  • Ensure that compressed air coming into direct contact with your food products or food packaging is of the right quality.
  • Meet the testing requirements of Food Safety Management Systems and Pre-Requisite Programs such as ISO22000, FSCC22000, SQF, BRC.
  • Download your Free Compressed Air Risk Assessment Guide
  • Servicing and maintenance of compressors, dryers and air accessories.
  • All our engineers and technicians are OEM trained and deliver the highest quality of service as per manufacture specifications.
  • Depending on your needs we offer service contracts which provide you with peace of mind that the equipment is properly maintained and emergency call outs in case of equipment breakdown.
  • All the parts used during maintenance are genuine OEM.

Our Products

We are the proud distributors for VPInstruments compressed air flow meters and industrial energy monitoring solutions.

We are proud distributors of Exair compressed air optimization products in the East Africa region. Save Compressed Air! Save Money!

Our Clients

Our Partners


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